A Typeface with Horizontal Stress

Started during my time at Type@Cooper West in 2017, Sandwich is a flared sans-serif typeface family that emphasizes the horizontal strokes of the letterforms. It aims to subvert the conventions of thicks and thins without entirely throwing them out of the window. It is a versatile family designed to be used both in small contexts such as a guitar pick or liner notes and in display contexts such as an album cover. It was awarded the Type Directors Club Certificate of Excellence and was one of the finalists in the Morisawa Type Design Competition

The process of creating this typeface can be found below and on the Letterform Archive's online archive.

PDF Specimen

Sandwich Specimen

Sandwich Family Overview

Sandwich Family Characteristics

Sandwich Sketches

Text set in Sandwich Italic, Sandwich Regular, Sandwich Bold, Hoagie

Text set in Lettuce Italic, Lettuce Regular

Text set in Sandwich Regular and Sandwich Bold

Sandwich in use

Character sets for Sandwich Regular and Sandwich Italic

Character sets for Sandwich Bold and Hoagie

Character sets for Lettuce Regular and Lettuce Italic

Cyrillic character set for Sandwich Regular and Hoagie

Guitar picks featuring Sandwich

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